"Three Rivers Rabbitry"

Welcome to my website. I live in beautiful Southern Oregon, and its here that I raise quality Flemish giants in the fawn and sandy varieties. I strive to perfect the standard that the breed is known for. My rabbits have good mellow temperaments. I handle all rabbits from birth.


The Flemish is not like your average rabbit.  Their rapid rate of growth and large size means a little extra consideration in their diet, housing and care.  They have been specifically bred to be gentle and even tempered.  The Flemish have one of the few "mandolin" shape body types.   Our members strive to breed to the Standard accepted by the American Rabbit Breeders Association, to achieve an over-all balance, large bone, massive size,  and a well defined arch with good condition. 

 Sandy Flemish kits for sale. DOB 2/27/15